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Are you aware of your locks’ level of security?

Not all locks provide the same level of security. The lock on your front door will need to be of a higher security compared to your internal door locks. The extent to which you are protected depends on the type of lock you are using. It is always important to install the right lock for the right door to ensure effective security all around your house.

Choosing Door Locks: What to consider

Security is priceless. Whether it’s your home or office, keeping people, assets and important information safe is a top priority. For many, the first step is access control. This places the focus firmly on door locks and how effective they are at keeping intruders out. • Technology and increased innovation mean more options than ever before. • Knowing what to look for is vital before you take the plunge and purchase. • The choice between traditional and modern options is a big one. As the global leader in door opening solutions, we’ve compiled a guide to choosing new door locks. Here’s what to consider.

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